31 October 2017

Overview of the Conference "Building Bridges in Adult Education 2017"

After Ljubljana and Mostar, third international conference „Building Bridges in Adult Education 2017“ was held in Skopje, on 25th and 26th of October.

After Ljubljana and Mostar, third international conference „Building Bridges in Adult Education 2017“ was held in Skopje, on 25th and 26th of October.

Members of Bosnia and Herzegovina's delegation were: Mr. Mensur Sinanović, Minister of education, science, culture and sport of Zenica-Doboj Canton, Mr. Damir Žuga, Minister of education, youth, science, culture and sport of Bosnia-Podrinje Canton Goražde, Prof.Dr. Lejla Turčilo, manager of Lifelong Learning Center of Faculty of Political Sciences of University of Sarajevo, Ms. Svjetlana Tubić, trainer of trainers in adult education, and representatives of DVV International - Country Office B&H, Dr.sc. Emir Avdagić, director and Mr. Anes Čerkez, project assistant.

The conference was opened by the director of Lifelong Learning Center Skopje, Ms. Biljana Mojsovska, main organizer and host of this year's conference. Ms. Mojsovska during the speech highlighted the importance of exchange of opinions, experiences and good practice examples in the field of adult education at the regional level, and also emphasized the importance of involving all the relevant actors from this field (different ministries, employment institutes, adult education providers, etc.).

After the speech of Ms. Mojsovska, the participants were welcomed by Ms. Katrin Frühinsfeld, manager of Department for Culture in German Embassy Skopje, Ms. Nazihtere Sulejmani, state adviser for education policies in Ministry of education and science of Republic of Macedonia, and Ms. Lindita Qazimi, director of PI Adult Education Center.

All the speakers during their speeches looked back shortly over the cooperation with DVV International and its partner organization Lifelong Learning Center with regard to their 20 years long presence in Macedonia and their significant support to the development of cooperation in the field of education of youth and adults.

Next part of the program was dedicated to presentations of updates on adult education from all seven participating countries: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia. The updates from Bosnia and Herzegovina were presented by Dr.sc. Emir Avdagić, director of DVV International - Country Office B&H. Mr. Avdagić firstly introduced the structure of the B&H and existing legislative, and then presented some good practice examples from the work of ministries of education (adoption of strategic documents, cooperation with employers, operations of Council for adult education, etc.).

The year 2017 has been announced as The Year of Adult Education in Europe, so it was a good reason to present Macedonian edition of Manifesto for Adult Education in 21st Century during the second day of the conference. Manifesto for Adult Education in 21st Century was published in 2015 by European Association for Education of Adults and it sets objectives for creation of Learning Europe that is able to tackle the future challenges.

Workshops prepared by teams of participating countries were also held on second day of the conference. Topics were selected based on what each team considers as relevant and necessary for future development of adult education in the region. Therefore, the participants were able to take part in two of seven following workshops:

  1. Raising Media's awareness about importance of Adult Education, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  2. Recognition of foreign public documents - certificates, Montenegro
  3. Creation of public policies in Adult Education, Macedonia
  4. Role of promotion in development of Adult Education, Croatia
  5. Recognition of prior learning, Kosovo
  6. A Toolkit for planning the path and achieving the goals of long-term development of Adult Education, Slovenia
  7. University and lifelong learning, Serbia.

The conclusions from all the workshops were presented to the participants, and will be incorporated and published in the form of Declaration after the end of the conference.

DVV International from Bonn gave a financial support to the implementation of the conference from the funds of Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development.

Next conference will be organized in May 2018 in Croatia, and it will be hosted by Agency for Vocational Education and Adult Education or Republic of Croatia.

More information find on the official website http://pro.acs.si/gm2017/


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