Qualification programme „Geodetic operator“

Public secondary School of Civil Engineering and Geodesy is one of the oldest technical schools in the Balkans. It was established in Sarajevo, in 1889. From then, school has done a plenty of different activities and projects including a numerous projects in the field of adult education.

This year the school is implementing a project „Qualification program for the occupation „Geodetic operator““ in cooperation with DVV International - Country Office Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The project is very important because of the need labor market has for this occupation and because there is not enough qualified workers who are able to do geodetic operator tasks. It tends to enable a target group of unemployed persons older than 18 years who completed at least primary school to gain knowledge and skills needed for this kind of job.

After completing the program, participants will be capable for geodetic operator tasks, field measurement tasks and simple data processing i.e. geodetic expert associate tasks.

: 15-20 unemployed persons older than 18 years who have completed at least primary education.

Duration: 360 classes

Project goals:

  • to qualify at least 15 participants for doing geodetic operator tasks,
  • to promote the program through the mass-media to provide timely information for potential participants,
  • to ensure the certification for those who successfully complete all the program activities and which confirm the participants have completed program with success and are able to work as a geodetic operators,
  • to contribute to the economic independence and equality in the labor market.
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