Establishment of the Lifelong Learning Center

Public Institution Cultural Centre of Sarajevo Canton was created in 2015 by merging three public institutions: “Bosnian Cultural Center”, “Collegium Artisticum” and “Sarajevo Art”. Before the merger, these three institutions had operated separately with decades of experience in the field of culture and education.

Bosnian Cultural Center is the legal successor of the Worker's University ''Đuro Đaković“  which was the largest educational institution of this type in Bosnia and Herzegovina established in 1953 to provide cultural and educational services for adults.

In 2017 Cultural Centre of Sarajevo Canton is planning an establishment of a Lifelong Learning Center as its fourth organizational unit, with the support of DVV International - Country Office B&H.

According to the project plan, establishment of the Centre, renovation of space and procurement of technical equipment should be completed by the end of the year.

Lifelong Learning Center will be registered in Ministry of education, science and youth of Sarajevo Canton as an adult education provider and it will offer activities to all adults in Sarajevo Canton including youth, persons with disabilities, seniors, kids etc.


Duration: 9 months

Project goals:

  • To establish Lifelong Learning Center
  • To meet the standards and norms in terms of material, technical and space conditions.

Project beneficiaries:

Direct: employed and unemployed citizens, pensioners, people in old age, youth, kids, persons with disabilities etc.
Indirect: offices for employment, employers, associations of pensioners and older people, schools, kindergartens, universities, social work offices, governmental and non-governmental organizations.

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