Lobbying and cooperation with education authorities

  • Emir Avdagić, PhD (DVV International) and Senad Osmanović (Department for Education of Brčko District) at the opening of the 11th meeting of contact persons - Brčko, April 2019

  • Participants of the tenth meeting of contact persons for adult education - Mostar, 2018

  • Eight meeting of DVV International's contact persons for adult education - Vitez, 2017

  • Director of DVV International - Country Office B&H, Emir Avdagić, PhD with four ministers of education - Bjelašnica, 2016

The key activity of DVV International at macro level is lobbying for legislation in adult education. Political structure of B&H is very complex so this activity includes cooperation with twelve ministries of education and the Department for Education in the Government of Brčko District. Eleven of them have already adopted the law on adult education and have also created additional documents and bylaws needed for the law implementation process. In the processes, DVV International has provided professional, consultative as well as financial support to these ministries.

Through the lobbying activities, DVV International has created a network of contact persons for adult education designated by their ministries for that position. The main goal in creating the network was to provide continuous work, to exchange knowledge and skills, to learn from others and to harmonize laws on adult education in different ministries. This activity is very successful, because contact persons are a base for capacity development within the ministries. It is very important for better implementation of adult education laws in the frame of a unique education system.

Until now DVV International has organised eleven meetings of contact persons that took place in Vlašić, Bihać, Zenica, Goražde, Lukavac, Bjelašnica, Široki Brijeg, Vitez, Banja Luka, Mostar and Brčko.


The list of DVV International contact persons for adult education


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DVV International began its work in Bosnia and Herzegovina in June 2000.

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