Round tables in Zenica-Doboj Canton: Adult Education - Opportunity for Personal, Professional and Social Development

Round table in Olovo, 17.10.2018

Round table in Kakanj, 07.11.2018

Round table in Zavidovići, 09.11.2018

Round table in Zenica, 05.12.2018

In cooperation with the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport of Zenica-Doboj Canton, DVV International - Country Office Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2018 organised a cycle of round tables in Zenica-Doboj Canton on the topic „Adult Education - Opportunity for Personal, Professional and Social Development“. Four round tables were held between October and December 2018 in local communities Olovo (17.10.), Kakanj (07.11.), Zavidovići (09.11.), and Zenica (05.12.) covering the whole area of this canton.

Round tables aimed to promote adult education through dialogue of different parties in the process, and to point out the need for coordinative approach in adult education in order to make it reach desirable results in the context of achieving personal, professional, and social development. Apart from the promotion of adult education as the fourth pillar of education according to UNESCO, the round tables' objectives were also presentation of the legal framework, networking of all relevant stakeholders, increasing participation in adult education programmes, identification of current needs, etc.

Key conclusions of the round tables

  • Adult education is part of the unique system of education, and as such, it needs serious approach of responsible institutions;
  • The Law on Adult Education and respective bylaws have been adopted in Zenica-Doboj Canton, and the Council for Adult Education has been established and has started to implement its activities according to its responsibilities;
  • Plan of Adult Education in Zenica-Doboj Canton for 2018 has been elaborated and adopted and it is necessary to put maximum efforts in its implementation;
  • Funds for financing primary adult education have been envisaged in the Budget of Zenica-Doboj Canton, adult education programmes have been adopted (the one for primary school and 21 for secondary schools), and schools who provide adult education have been registered (11 primary and 16 secondary schools);
  • Considering the magnitude and overarching of tasks related to adult education, it is necessary to establish department for adult education within the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport of Zenica-Doboj Canton. One person is not enough to secure normal functioning of the system so the tasks should be logically assigned to a team within the department.;
  • The Law prescribes the obligation for andragogical development of realisators of adult education programmes. In order to secure full efficiency of the adult education process, it is important to provide accessible and free-of-charge andragogical development for all teacher from public institutions.;
  • For successful harmonising of education with the interchangeable labour market needs, and with the purpose of decreasing unemployment, synergic operations, between all levels and sectors in the field of economy, employment, education, social and health protection, etc., are needed.;
  • All social factors should analyse their role in the process of adult education and should submit their objections and complaints to the competent responsible bodies in order to improve it;
  • It is necessary to approach to the systematic planning, budget positioning, and marking funds intended for adult education;
  • It is necessary to work on development of society of knowledge in which every person understands that he/she must work on himself/herself continuously, just because of themselves and not because of some papers (certificates, diplomas, etc.).
  • It is necessary to promote adult education and lifelong learning through realisation of promotion campaigns, fairs, etc. whereby local communities should play the key role.
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