Strengthening Women for Employment in Business Environments of the Digital Age

A survey of digital skills conducted on a sample of 1,900 employed and unemployed respondents and 100 companies in BiH showed that most companies in Bosnia and Herzegovina (73%) claim that digital skills are very important or even crucial for their business. Of these, 59% of employers point out that these are skills used by industry-specific programs, and 38% of companies prefer or exclusively hire candidates with an adequate level of digital skills. These indicators point to the importance of greater and better involvement in vocational training created according to the needs of the labor market and the constant need to diversify the offer of these trainings.

The project "Strengthening women for employment in business environments of the digital age" included the development and accreditation of two training programs for employment and self-employment of women in areas highly needed in the labor market: Training of accounting assistants and training for Basics of manual and automatic software. The project also included implementing the training of accounting assistants for 15 unemployed women. The project's overall goal was to contribute to increasing the employment and self-employment of women in the Sarajevo Canton in the accounting, finance, and IT sectors.

Specific objectives of the project:

  1. To increase the offer of quality adult education programs in the accounting-financial and IT sector
  2. Develop/improve accounting and financial competencies of unemployed women
  3. Strengthen socio-emotional competencies in unemployed women after a long period of unemployment

TARGET GROUP: 14 unemployed women from the Sarajevo Canton who have completed minimum secondary education.

PROJECT DURATION: March-October 2021

Key project results:

  • Developed and accredited two new non-formal adult education programs in accordance with the needs of the labor market
  • 14 unemployed women successfully completed 120 hours of training
  • 9 participants (64%) received employment, based on knowledge and skills acquired during the training
  • Thanks to the partnership of CEI "Nahla" with the leading provider of language and legislatively localized ERP software in the Adriatic region - Datalab BH d.o.o. participants had the opportunity to get acquainted with a system that fully responded to the challenges and opportunities of digital transformation - advanced ERP business information system PANTHEON
  • Realized 4 webinars on professional topics in the field of digitalization of accounting and introduction to the concept of automatic testing
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