Basic adult education trainings

Publicly recognised programme "Basic Adult Education Training" for 23 teachers from Una-Sana Canton, Certificate Award Ceremony - November 2020

First module of the publicly recognised programme "Basic adult education training" in Zenica-Doboj Canton - Zenica, June 2019

Three-day basic adult education training in Republic of Srpska - Banja Luka, October 2018

Three-day basic adult education training in Herzegovina-Neretva Canton - Mostar, June 2018

Three-day basic adult education training in West Herzegovina Canton - Široki Brijeg, June 2017

The acquisition of andragogical knowledge and skills, improvement of the professional competence of personnel and adoption of the andragogical principles in adult education organisations, enables the enrichment of educational offer and provides quality of the educational process, which is in accordance with the adopted laws on adult education and contributes to their implementation.

The basic adult education trainings are intended for all actors in the educational process of adult education, either a public educational institution or any other form of educational organizations. Within its framework, participants have the opportunity to learn about the psychological basics, characteristics and learning styles of adults, motivation and barriers in adult learning, the teacher's role, communication, group dynamics, visualization and presentation in educational work, as well as group work, individual work, interactive methods and interactive teaching in adult education.

Earlier, DVV International – Country Office B&H used to organise three-day intensive basic adult education trainings (24 hours) to overcome the beginning phase in the implementation of the adult education legislation and to provide an opportunity for adult education providers to build and strengthen their capacities in this field. Before December 2018, this concept had been implemented for more than 200 teachers in Una-Sana Canton, Zenica-Doboj Canton, Central Bosnia Canton, West Herzegovina Canton, Herzegovina-Neretva Canton, Canton 10 and Republika Srpska.  

In 2019, DVV International - Country Office B&H supported the competent ministries of education in developing the programme of professional development “Basic Adult Education Training” which contains 120 hours divided into five modules and individual work. Until now, the programme has been declared publicly recognised by the competent ministries in four cantons of the Federation of B&H (Una-Sana Canton, Zenica-Doboj Canton, Bosnia-Podrinje Canton Goražde and Sarajevo Canton) and Brčko District B&H.

TV footage: Implementation of the first publicly recognised programme of andragogical development in B&H

The first training on the basis of a publicly recognised programme with the duration of in total 120 classes (5 modules) was implemented in Zenica-Doboj Canton from June to November 2019 for two groups of participants: young academic staff of the University of Zenica and teachers/professors of secondary vocational schools registered as adult education providers.

Andragogical Development of Teachers Under Face Masks

Despite the global coronavirus pandemic, the andragogical development of teachers in adult education continued in 2020 for two groups of participants from Una-Sana Canton and Bosnia-Podrinje Canton Goražde. In total, 47 teachers successfully completed all the tasks and received the publicly recognised certificate on andragogical development.

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