Conference: Adult Education and Pandemic: Challenges. Opportunities. Future.

To mark the 21st anniversary of the Institute for International Cooperation of the German Adult Education Association – DVV International in Bosnia and Herzegovina, from 23 to 25 June 2021, a conference „Adult Education and Pandemic: Challenges. Opportunities. Future.“ was held. 

The conference gathered key actors in the field of adult education: former and current ministers of education, heads of departments and advisers within the ministries, representatives of the organisations providing adult education, as well as representatives of the academic community.

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Building Capacities of ALE Stakeholders

The activities included improving the work and cooperation of all relevant actors from five cantons of the Federation of BiH (Una-Sana Canton, Bosnia-Podrinje Canton of Goražde, Sarajevo Canton, Tuzla Canton, and the West Herzegovina Canton) and the entity of Republika Srpska. Some of the implemented activities are:

  • workshop on financing adult learning and education
  • set of five webinar on current topics from adult education
  • training dedicated to strengthening digital competence
  • training on methodology of development of adult education programs.

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Training on Social Media and Online Content Management

Training on Social Media and Online Content Management included curriculum development, program accreditation, and registration of CEI "Nahla", a branch of Bihać as a center for adult education. The program included 140 hours, and the main goal of the project was to increase the competitiveness of women in the labor market and create additional opportunities for employment and self-employment in Una-Sana Canton.

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The project objective was to increase youth awareness of digital work and learning opportunities and equip students and unemployed youth with the skills needed to progress in the digital economy with increased competitiveness in the labor market.  

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Strengthening Women for Employment in Business Environments of the Digital Age

The project "Strengthening women for employment in business environments of the digital age" included the development and accreditation of two training programs for employment and self-employment of women in areas highly needed in the labor market: Training of accounting assistants and training for Basics of manual and automatic software. The project also included implementing the training of accounting assistants for 15 unemployed women.

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