Strengthening Non-formal Network of Relevant Actors in the Field of Adult Education

Members of the network at the ceremony of signing the Memorandum on Cooperation
20th of May 2019

The signatories of the Memorandum: Ministry of Education, City of Goražde, Employment Office, a secondary vocational school, chambers of economy and crafts, employers and ALDI

Functional cross-sectoral cooperation on development of competencies of adults is crucial for successful implementation of policies and efforts of all actors in the field of adult education. In the area of Bosnia-Podrinje Canton Goražde (BPCG) a partnership of most important actors of public, private and non-governmental sector has been established and has primarily functioned as a coordinating mechanism so far. One of the reasons for not using the full potential of this partnership was, on the one hand, the lack of common mission and objectives which would contribute to functional collaboration in the field of adult education. On the other hand, underdevelopment of capacities in public and private sector prevented joint and proactive efforts to respond to challenges of adult education.

In order to improve the effectiveness of the partnership, it is necessary to maintain the dialogue between government representatives, the Employment Agency, educational institutions, municipalities, employers and civil society. Furthermore, it is crucial to improve the capability of all actors to jointly elaborate and conduct strategies and plans in accordance to the needs of the economy, so they can fight unemployment and stagnation in a more effective way.


Main objective of the project „Strengthening Non-formal Network of Relevant Actors in the Field of Adult Education” is establishment of efficient ways of participation of relevant actors in the processes of regulation and conduction of adult education in the context of lifelong learning, as well as harmonisation of mission and objectives of public, private and civil sector.

Some of the results defined by this project are related to establishment of mechanisms of continuous and sustainable cooperation of network members, and improvement of capacities of all organisations within the partnership.  

Target group: Ministry of Education of BPC Goražde; Employment agency; Vocational school ''Džemal Bijedić'' Goražde; Employers' Union of BPC Goražde; Economic chamber of BPC Goražde; NGO, experts, activists and journalists and civil society as a whole.

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