ISKOOM - Information System for Controlling and Monitoring Adult Education

Information system for controlling and monitoring adult education (abbrev. in B/C/S - ISKOOM) represents an online platform which connects key actors in the adult education system and provides an insight in the real-time situation on the ground, controlling the teaching process from the registration to the completion of adult education programmes, as well as collection of data necessary for strategic planning and reporting.

The ISKOOM also represents an effective mechanism of monitoring of the whole process, because it obliges the users, that is, adult education providers, to give correct, complete and timely information concerning their operations and educational programmes.

Accordingly, the software uses PHP, HTML, JavaScript and MYSQL data bases, and it could be accessed with respective user data from any medium (computer, smartphone, etc.) and from any place.

This information system is currently at the introduction stage in four cantons of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Una-Sana Canton, Zenica-Doboj Canton, Bosnia-Podrinje Canton Goražde, and Sarajevo Canton) and District Brčko B&H. The system is a result of exchange of experience and transferring the know-how of the Institute for Adult Education of Republic of Srpska in the field of quality assurance, control and monitoring.

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