Curriculum development in adult education

In the last period, the partner organizations of DVV International – Country Office for Bosnia and Herzegovina focus on the development of adult education programs in order to improve their educational offer and adapt it to the needs of the labor market and local communities. Realization of training entitled "Development of Curriculum for Adult Education" represents an important step in that process. This training, consisting of two modules, gathered a total of 13 representatives of partner organizations of DVV International – Country Office for Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The first training module, held in March, devoted itself to the specification of work as the first phase in curriculum development. The aim of the first module was to train the participants for the analysis of jobs/occupations, which represents the initial step in the process of curriculum development for adult education. After completing the first module, participants acquired key competencies for understanding the program structure, purpose and principles of job analysis and were able to develop a functional or DACUM map for job analysis.

The second training module, which was implemented in May, focused on the remaining phases of curriculum development, including the specification of learning, learning conditions, and evaluation and assessment of achievements. Through topics such as the concept of an outcome-based curriculum, the specification of learning and the evaluation of achievements, participants acquired the key knowledge and skills needed to write educational programs adapted to the needs of the labor market and the community.

The training was carried out under the professional guidance of Jelena Jakovljević, an expert in the development of programs for adult education, and prof. Ph.D. Jovan Miljković from the Department of Andragogy, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade. Through active participation in training, representatives of partner organizations gained valuable experience and practical tools for further development in the field of adult education. This initiative represents a significant step in improving the educational offer and strengthening the partner organizations of DVV International - Office for Bosnia and Herzegovina in achieving the goals of adult education.

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