Development and Evaluation of Curricula for Adult Education

First module of the training - Vitez, 2017

Second module of the training - Vlašić, 2017

Third module of the training - Neum, 2017

In 2016 DVV International - Country Office Bosnia and Herzegovina recognized the need of ministries of education in the areas of the country that had already adopted the law on adult education, and created the training "Development and evaluation of curricula for adult education".  

Problem of these ministries was a lack of qualified labour from the field of adult education and a lack of appropriate knowledge and competencies for development and evaluation of adult education curricula. Therefore, DVV International created the training for 20 participants including three representatives of each ministry of education that has adopted the law on adult education and has identified this problem, and one representative of the partner organizations frequently working on curricula development which also don't have qualified staff for these tasks.

The training consists of three separate and interrelated topics i.e. three modules:

  • Development of curricula for adult education;
  • Procedures and processes of curricula development for adult education;
  • Quality assessment of the curricula for adult education.

DVV International also organizes a follow-up seminar a few months after the end of the third module where all the participants can assess their acquired knowledge and skills.

Implementers of the training are: Prof Dr Šefika Alibabić and Prof Dr Miomir Despotović, professors at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade.


The overall aim of the training is to enable participants to understand the basic approaches in curricula design, and to develop their competencies for elaboration, structuring and evaluation of curricula for adult education focused on outcomes.

Participants: 20 representatives of ministries of education and partner organizations

Duration: 3 modules + follow up seminar (48 classes + 12 hours of individual work)

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