AITI LAUNCH Elaboration, accreditation and piloting of a new adult education program - DIGITAL MARKETING

We are entering the dynamic and uncertain world run by data and technologies brought by the Fourth industrial revolution. According to some forecasts, the digital transformation will reveal completely new occupations, while some other will completely disappear from the market. The project objective was to increase youth awareness of digital work and learning opportunities and equip students and unemployed youth with the skills needed to progress in the digital economy with increased competitiveness in the labor market.  

The project is wholly in line with the cantonal Strategy for Adult Education 2019-2023: „Education for the next age“; the New Skills Agenda for Europe (2016): Focus on digital skills; the strategy Europe 2020 related to achieving smart growth - developing an economy based on knowledge and innovations.

Specific project objectives:

  1. Support to the promotion of AITI as a crucial actor in adult education in BiH;
  2. Introducing new education programs to support industry in the COVID-19 era.

TARGET GROUP: Individuals between 18 and 34 years from one of these groups: Unemployed people with high school and university degrees; Individuals with university degrees not employed in the education-related field (under-employed) interested in making changes in their career.

PROJECT DURATION: February - October 2021

Key project results:

  • Improved capacities of the AITI LAB;
  • Developed one new adult education program to offer adult education opportunities in the labor market-related fields;
  • Enhanced offer for vocational training of adults through the accreditation of a program on digital skills by the cantonal ministry of education;
  • Young people are informed about the importance of developing a professional career with digital skills in the current and future labor market;
  • Ten young individuals completed a training program in the field of digital skills.
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