APOO - a unique database in the field of adult education

The APOO Platform - Accredited Adult Education Programs is not only an innovative project, but also a key step towards improving adult education in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This platform was created by DVV International - Country Office for BiH in cooperation with the competent authorities of 5 administrative units. The importance of having a single database that is publicly available to everyone cannot be overestimated, as it enables transparency and facilitates access to information about educational programs and organizers of adult education. Through this platform, citizens, potential participants of educational programs, as well as institutions, can quickly and easily find relevant information about available educational offers, which ultimately contributes to greater inclusivity and fairness in access to education. Also, having such a database enables better planning of education policies and programs, identification of deficiencies and needs in the education system, and directing resources towards priority areas. In addition, the availability of glossaries, useful materials and legal acts further enriches this platform, providing users with comprehensive access to information and resources necessary for the advancement of the field of adult education. Ultimately, APOO is not only a technical platform, but also a symbol of dedication to the improvement of adult education in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and represents a joint effort of various stakeholders in education to create a more inclusive and advanced society.

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