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Training: Educational Management and Leadership: Towards a Competent Manager - 2020, Bihać

Training: Educational Management and Leadership: Towards a Competent Manager - 2020, Sarajevo

Training: Management in Education - 2017, Sarajevo

A successful manager can only be a competent manager. Research has shown that competency is a variable characteristic that should be continuously developed, even if gained through initial education.

DVV International – Country Office Bosnia and Herzegovina recognises the importance of management in education. Thus, it focuses on the capacity building of managers of primary and secondary schools and adult education centers. Two training programmes for managers have been developed so far and a handbook that follows the content of both programmes.  

The main objective is professionalization in education through the development of educational institutions' managers' competencies, necessary for proper management of the institution and thus a contribution to the higher effectiveness, efficiency, and quality of the educational process and the whole education system.

Training „Management in Education“

The training offers basic knowledge and skills from several management fields necessary to managers in education for efficient management and development of an institution and dealing with everyday tasks within the position.

In the first training module, participants learn about the basics of management in education, its basic functions (planning, organizing, leading, and control), and the types and models of management.

The second module allows participants to increase their knowledge and skills from leadership and marketing in education.

With the aim of further managerial development of participants, the last module is dedicated to quality in education and analysing own management practices of participants based on the individual work they have done after the second module.

The training has been organized six times so far:

  • in 2015 for 20 managers from all over the country,  
  • in 2016 for 20 managers from Zenica-Doboj Canton,
  • in 2016 for 20 managers from Tuzla Canton,
  • in 2017 for 20 managers from Sarajevo Canton
  • in 2018 for 23 managers from Una-Sana Canton, and
  • in 2018 for 16 managers from Herzegovina-Neretva Canton.

Duration: 3 modules (48 hours + 8 hours of individual work)

Training "Educational Management and Leadership: Towards a Competent Manager"

The training is a continuation of the previously described basic training for managers, an advanced training aiming to develop competencies necessary for those aspects of managing an educational organisation in which a competency deficit has been identified.

Three key aspects are to be strengthened within three training modules:

  1. Management of educational organisation/institution's development
  2. Management of human potentials in the organisation
  3. Management of education process and achievements.

The training was organized for two groups of managers in 2020, including:

  • 15 managers from Sarajevo Canton, and
  • 20 managers from Una-Sana Canton.

Duration: 3 modules (48 hours + 8 hours of individual work)


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Educational Management and Leadership: Towards a Competent Leader (Handbook)

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