In June 2000, DVV International began its work in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Since then the Institute has been represented by an office in Sarajevo and it develops cooperation structures in the country in order to make the potential of adult education useful for the development of social structures.

Through working with decision-makers and adult education providers, more opportunities for education and training will be supplied, particularly for vulnerable population groups in order to improve their living conditions. Likewise, DVV International helps to support the integration of the socially disadvantaged and ethnic minorities in order to increase the possibilities for their democratic participation. The most important focus of its work is the promotion of employment, the support of the socially disadvantaged and marginalised population groups, the creation and development of sustainable adult education structures, the improvement of the quality and range of adult education offers and the expansion of public awareness of the adult education sector in Bosnia-Herzegovina. In light of the prospect of accession to the European Union, the integration of adult education in regional, European and international technical cooperation is supported as well.

Main focus of work

Employment support: Promotion of vocational and adult education congruent with the current needs of the labour market and in cooperation with adult education institutions, NGOs and technical schools from the formal education system, so as in this manner to enable participants to complete courses with a recognised certificate and thus to increase their chances in the labour market.

Basic adult education trainings: The aim of this measure is to provide teachers (especially of basic education and in vocational schools), technical advisors and counsellors from the educational institutes as well as teachers from adult education organisations (including NGOs) to attain knowledge of the methods of adult education. The training of trainers has a powerful effect on the complete field of adult education. Except for the work done by DVV International, there are no training opportunities for teachers in adult education in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Management in adult education: There is a great need for competent managers in the adult education centres. Special emphasis is placed on encouraging cooperation between adult education institutions nationwide, because a special deficit exists here.

Capacity building: DVV International is trying to strengthen the capacities of all actors in adult education (ministries, partner organizations and providers of adult education), and thus contribute to their more harmonized work. Training "Development and Evaluation of Curricula for Adult Education" is one of the examples of these activities.

Legislation: DVV International contributes to the design of adult education laws which should establish sustainable high-quality adult education in the education system. Advice provided for legislative initiatives regarding adult education requires professionally competent cooperation with parliaments and governments (at the level of the entire state, the two government units Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Republika Srpska and the cantons) as well as support for partners in relevant lobbying activities.


In Bosnia and Herzegovina, DVV International works with the State Ministry of Civil Affairs, the ministries of education of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Republika Srpska, cantonal ministries of education and the Education Department of the government in the Brčko District. In addition to these decision-makers, universities, numerous basic education and vocational schools, as well as civil society organisations from across the country are included among the partners of DVV International. Intensive exchange and cooperation also exists with German and international actors such as the GIZ (Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit), SDC (Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation) and the EU Delegation in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

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DVV International began its work in Bosnia and Herzegovina in June 2000.

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