Building and Strengthening Capacities for Adult Education

Through this years' activities for strengthening capacities for planning, coordination, monitoring and development of adult learning and education (ALE), DVV International – Country Office Bosnia and Herzegovina contributes to structural and staff-related improvements in the field of adult education within relevant institutions in B&H. At the same time, these measures enable more efficient work of ALE providers, and development of cooperation of all relevant actors in the field, hence they contribute to more efficient and effective implementation of the Laws on adult education. 

The activities are being conducted in four administrative units of the Federation B&H (Una-Sana Canton, Zenica-Doboj Canton, Bosnia-Podrinje Canton Goražde, and Sarajevo Canton), in District Brčko and Entity Republic of Srpska.

In 2019, there are four training units, adjusted to the needs of the actors involved and their fields of action respectively:

Training for adult education associates is aimed at strengthening capacities of employees at ministries of education and other relevant institutions, through acquisition of knowledge on basic andragogy concepts, and acquisition of competencies for effective completion of work tasks. Some of the expected results are: knowing of basic andragogic theories; appropriate understanding and use of terminology; understanding of work processes; lobbying skills; business communication skills and promotion of adult education; etc. 

Strategic planning as the foundation of AE development in Bosnia and Herzegovina is an introduction to theoretical basics of strategic management and its implementation modes in the field of adult education. Participants will gain knowledge and skills for formulation of a strategy, elaboration of strategic documents, implementation and monitoring, among other topics.  

Improvement of organisational capacities and quality management processes will be reached through training in two thematic fields, in accordance with the results of the needs analysis:

Training for Development of educational programmes for adults will provide the trainees with skills for development of programmes as activity plans for achievement of set goals and expected learning outcomes. Appropriate educational programme enables implementation of organised process of learning and shall give clear answers to questions: why someone learns/what are the purpose and objective of learning; what is being learned (outcomes of learning in the form of knowledge, skills, competencies); who teaches; how does the learning process look like; how does the process of evaluation of gained knowledge look like; whom do we teach; where and how does the learning process take place?

Monitoring and evaluation of quality of educational work with adults is intended primarily for employees of institutions in charge of monitoring, control and assessment of work of AE provider, but also for provider which strive to maintain high quality offer for their clients. Through the training the participants will acquire competencies for development of appropriate methodology, conduction of measures, data analysis, counselling etc.

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