Study visits: exchange and networking of DVV International and partner organizations

Study visits represent a key mechanism for networking organizations and exchanging knowledge, experiences and best practices. These meetings allow participants to gain a deeper understanding of the specifics of work in their fields, create connections with partners from different parts of the world, and open up new opportunities for cooperation and improvement of activities. Through diverse programs and activities, study visits become a key factor in encouraging innovation, developing expertise and strengthening international cooperation of organizations.


Amica Educa – VHS Cham

In partnership with Amica Educa from Tuzla, DVV Intenrational – Country Office for Bosnia and Herzegovina visited the National High School (VHS) Cham in Germany. The host of the visit, the director of the school, Mr. Winfried Ellwanger, prepared a program that included familiarization with VHS activities, financing mechanisms and cooperation with the authorities, companies and local actors. We also attended courses and exchanged experiences in working with refugees. The Vocational Child Care School in Furth im Wald was also visited and meetings were held with educational institutions in Bad Kötzting. The last day of the visit is dedicated to international projects and funding strategies at VHS Cham, and a visit to the Technical University OTH Regensburg to explore cooperation opportunities.


NAHLA – VHS Magdeburg

The partnership between Sarajevo and Magdeburg began a long time ago, and the cooperation between the Center for Education and Research NAHLA and the Magdeburg National High School, under the mediation of DVV International – Country Office for Bosnia and Herzegovina, further strengthened the sustainability of intercity ties. Last year, a Memorandum of Understanding between these two organizations was signed in Sarajevo, which resulted in the visit of the CEI NAHLA team to Magdeburg. The hosts from VHS Magdeburg, including the mayor Simone Borris, warmly welcomed the group. During the five-day visit program, school director Ralf Liebe and his team introduced the representatives of the CEI NAHLA center to the quality assurance system, the online learning platform, the administration program Kufer SQL, orientation strategy procedures, needs analysis, and promotion and information of target groups. A meeting was also organized with the team of the Magdeburg Psychosocial Center to share experiences in working with vulnerable categories of the population and people on the move. The group also visited Leipzig to better understand the specifics of East German history and the impact of the peaceful revolution.


CPCD – Frankfurt am Main

Four representatives of the Center for the Promotion of Civil Society (CPCD) - SMART Center for Adult Education, including the director Aida Daguda, visited the Higher National School (VHS) Frankfurt am Main in the presence of the director of DVV International -  Country Office for BiH, Dženita Džano. The visit program, focused on the results of the self-evaluation, made it possible to get acquainted with the work of VHS Frankfurt, the quality management system, and the exchange of knowledge and proposals for joint activities within the ERASMUS+ program. The group also visited the Media Center, HVV (Hessischer Volkshochschulverband) and VHS Kaiserslautern to understand digitization in adult education and the integration of hybrid teaching methods.



Members of the Association for Local Development Initiatives (ALDI) from Goražde were on a study visit to the Higher National School (VHS) Ahaus Ahaus with representatives of DVV International – Country Office for Bosnia and Herzegovina. The host of the visit, the director of the school, Mr. Nikolaus Schneider, with the team, prepared an inspiring program that enriched the knowledge of the participants and opened the way for future cooperation. The visit included an understanding of adult education strategies, an exchange of knowledge about political lobbying for progress in that area, as well as an introduction to the work of VHS AHAUS and their educational programs. The participants also visited numerous locations and institutions such as Medienzentrum, HVV (Hessischer Volkshochschulverband), VHS Kaiserslautern, and were introduced to environmental education through a visit to Biologische Station Zwillbrock.


In conclusion, study visits are an indispensable tool for building bridges between organizations and improving their capacities. Through an intensive exchange of knowledge and experience, these meetings not only enable the acquisition of new insights and skills, but also encourage the creation of long-term partnership relationships. Through continued support and engagement, organizations can work together to solve challenges and achieve goals that will contribute to a better community and wider society.







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